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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mishka Holiday 2010 Lookbook----->>>

Mishka Holiday 2010 Clothing Collection Lookbook

Mishka just put out their  their Holiday 2010 Lookbook, shot by Elizabeth Weinberg.
"This winter will be dark, thick, warm and elegant. Мишка’s Holiday line consists of timeless and durable garments that you’ll pull out of your winter storage for years to come. The sight and feel of them will remind you of the past winter days you spent in them, but that nostalgic pause will be over soon. The moment you don the Death Varsity Zip-Up, or the Jack Flash Peacoat or maybe the Keep Watch Bomber, your thoughts will turn to the possibilities of today and tomorrow. Death is a ways away yet. Мишка is here with you now. Have fun and dress well this winter."
 I love it...but it may be a little too warm and thick for SD weather.....

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